Thursday, May 06, 2010

Armida, Dragons and Poppets

Last Saturday, Orion and I attended a HD simulcast of Rossini's Armida. I didn't think I'd love watching opera on screen, thinking not being there in person would make it lacking. But instead, it was glorious. The camera work was amazing and seeing Rene' Flemming up close as she performed was enough to make me swoon. And it felt live. It was a nearly full house and we applauded along with the audience at the Met. Yay for technology. I was happy to see Orion's rapt attention (this is his second opera.) I was just as happy to see him get a little restless at times, because he's a kid, and it would just be too weird if he didn't.

I'm a fan, for sure. It's been days and I still hear the music and long to paint Armida at her darkest.
I shall, on another day when I either have time or make time because I simply can no longer wait.

In the meantime, new stuff got photographed today (thanks Aubrey!)
My Backpack is Pink, sort of a companion for My Balloon is Black, who seemed to want a companion.

A little dragon, because I made a different dragon for a custom reading poppet and loved it so much I wanted us to have dragons too. So, now we do.
And a new steampunk piece with Spencer, called "Fly Boys."

And now, I shall come up for a bit of air, see the sky and feel the wind, which is quite warm today.

have a great Thursday night.


Dragonsally said...

Where is the dragon for sale, because I have to have one..

spacedlaw said...

That steampunk piece is wonderful!

mammalfeathers said...

Love what you do!

Cody Stanford said...

*Thinks of what Opera Poppets might look like; toes curl; begins to squeal in delight.*