Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Asleep at three, for sure. I hope.

This morning I awoke at 3am on the dot. No noise, just woke up. As usual, when I get up in the night I have a look in on Orion. He was awake too. Said he just woke up that moment. I didn't really make any noise, but perhaps he sensed me. I stayed until he fell asleep again, then lay awake for the longest, mostly trying to listen to the fan and fall asleep, but mostly telling myself to stop thinking.
Putting thoughts in boxes. Putting the boxes on shelves. For later.


Sleepy by afternoon, working anyway. A nap would throw me off for. The untouchable Tortie is sleeping near the back door.

I could read. Or I could put the sleep timer on and nod out to a National Geography program. Except that lately, some of those have made me wonder what the hell happened to National Geographic. Oh, right. It became Nat Geo. And started doing shows about how other planets' weather conditions would destroy buildings and topsoil on this one. Ok. not that. It's a stupid premise, and not at all the sort of stupid that makes me laugh.

My brain wants to write. But it was a two-shower studio day. Work tired is good tired, but it's still damned tired. So. g'night.


Kelly said...

hey lis- my thoughts don't fit into boxes, i've tried, but if yours do...more power to you :)

by the way, I like the newest wave of poppets.

mordicai said...

eee stitches.

Arwenn said...

I'm not impresesd with "Nat Geo" either, or any of the other channels with their top ten lists and home video footage of animal attacks. I find myself watching old David Attenborough documentaries and actually learning things.