Monday, February 08, 2010

Snow elsewhere. Twittering for real in the desert.

Adrienne sent me this photo of Poppet and snow.
I like snow, though some of you east of me might not share that sentiment right now.

It was more like Spring here today. Birds are everywhere. So for those of you in the cold, here's a bit of warmth, compliments of Spencer, who got some nice shots of the little fellows.

Tomorrow we will all be busy gathering Poppets, patting their heads, wrapping them up and sending them on new adventures.

I should probably tell you that if you want something from the shop for Valentines, tomorrow (Tuesday) is the last day to be sure it will arrive in time.

This weekend was sunny. I spent some time outdoors. The hummingbirds are lively and many these days. We don't have a good count, but it looks like between 12 and 20 at our feeders every day. The Mystery Tortie still visits us daily. Yesterday morning it was still rainy, so I moved the dish to the patio. I held my coffee and pretended to gaze out over the mountains, paying no attention. Pretty soon there was much munching. I think she may be a girl. Not entirely sure yet.

I got some real work done on Poppet Stories. Mostly the delay has been a time thing, but too, I've let my own questions about Poppets hang me up. Recently I've accepted that I'll never know the nine-billion names of Poppet. And that I don't need to. That no matter when the book gets written, it will still be written only with what I know about these creatures so far.
If I continue writing on Sunday afternoons, then Sunday afternoons will become time for writing, and that will be a good thing.

No school today, so Monday seemed like a second Sunday.

Hope the rest of your week is inspiring.


Melissa P said...

I kinda like the idea of poppets giving you new revelations from now until forever. It means that your work will continue to hold surprises--for you and for all of us who are intrigued by your art. Have fun blessing the poppets and sending them out into the world today.

Anonymous said...

I was under the impression that all torties are female, an odd quirk of genetics which links the coloring to the sex of the animal.

Holly said...

almost always, yes. There are occasionally male torties, but they tend to be sterile.

lisa said...

Melissa--you know, so do I. They do continue to surprise me, and for that I'm truly grateful. Thank you.

anonymous and Holly: wow. I did not know that. I'm googling!

Kelly said...

I am agreeing with the statements regarding the tortie...definitely a female.

Learn something new every day :)

I think you are truly lucky to have such a gaggle or flock or whatever of hummingbirds. I found a community of cardinals (birds, not Catholics) not to far from my house, and it is interesting so see them interact with their own kind.

Anyway, have a good day!

Janet said...

That last shot is so amazing! They look like little aliens waiting for instruction :-)

lisa said...

Kelly and Janet: I am lucky to have them. Then again, putting out hummingbird feeders helps.

You're right too, they are like little aliens, especially up close. They're getting used to us, and they buzz all around our heads.