Saturday, October 14, 2006

POT at the Carnival--One Poppet's Story in Pictures

---dedicated to all those brave souls who've come to appreciate the dynamics of rides, physics and corn dogs.

... And to the ever very cool Jordan, who is 14 today.


Jason Erik Lundberg said...

Um, us that poppet...vomiting?

lisa said...

Hi erik: why yes, but no worries, no limited edition vomiting poppets are in the works.

Dan Guy said...

Happy birthday, Jordan!

Carl V. said...

Happy Birthday Jordan!!!

I just love the colors in your work Lisa. They are so fantastic. Great pictures as well.

Rubius said...

Happy Happy *belated* Birthday Jordan. I hope you are well ('member me from Balticon? - I fondly remember hanging with you)

Love the carnival shots Lisa,... and I just about fell off my chair laughing at seeing the sick poppet... and then reading the comment.