Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Gurtie update, new stuff, more noise

So, everyone is home and things are at nearly normal noise level. This is a good thing. I've had enough thinking and am ready to make new stuff. Even better, both Pete and Aubrey came home with stories.

I picked Gurtie up this morning. She wriggled, so I put her down. I tried again about an hour later, same results. I thought about rubbing my fingers with ham, had a flash image of a pork chop necklace and decided against the ham. But I did try again a few minutes ago. (I even brushed my teeth first---just in case. ) She wriggled again. So I kissed the top of her head, put her on her favorite chair and swiped the fuzz off my lips.
Maybe I'll try this again tomorrow. Or not. We'll see.

Ravyn says possibly we'll have a video of "Fate be Nimble..." up soon.

Don't forget about the Tiny Stories project. We're still accepting stories.

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