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Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Eventually, Orion will discover that RockPaperScissors is a social tool, to be employed when decisions need to be made, generally about who's going for food, but occasionally for much more important delegation. For now, he likes a good round just for the fun of it. Me too. Today we discovered that it's even more fun...underwater.

Summer Hell is just around the corner. We've begun putting shades up. Every year when we put up shades I think of future Aubrey and Orion, talking about how we put up shades in the beginning, more each year, to try to cool the area around the house, before everyone began leaving the desert, before everything changed.

Clearly I read too much science fiction for my own good.

I've not quite fallen off the face of the planet, but I have been mostly invisible, holed up trying to make progress on a number of large-ish collaborative projects that all sort of reached the point of being 'in my court' at once.

Electric Velocipede, with its very Poppet cover, is now available for purchase HERE. It will premier at Wiscon, and is an all-girl issue.

Tomorrow I'll take a break from projects. I can't promise I'll not think about them. When the work is good, it's really good and I just can't help myself. But I'll try. I'll let friends and family know I'm still around. I'll catch up on Reaper and Lost and eat some cheese or something.

But I won't go out much. Because my mind is full of the work.

I'm kicking myself for not going to see Roger Waters at Coachella Music Festival last weekend. There was a giant pig (the pig) balloon and a WWII plane dropping glitter.

I'm an idiot. Pete worked the concert, hung out with the bass player from Flogging Molly.

Did I mention I'm an idiot? I heard Sia was excellent as well.

I read about the storms in Virginia. I haven't seen much news---writing and making art can be a lot like hiding sometimes. It's warm and dry and windy here, sand blowing everywhere and palm trees bending. There's a fire somewhere in the east. I haven't checked into that yet either.

So, for now, mostly just lots and lots of work, paper to my rock, scissor to my paper, rock to my scissor.

And sometimes a bit of swimming.