Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Day 346

The evening flew by. They all have, lately. I seem to be moving forward, fast, while growing ever more aware that I'm approaching the end of this 365- day observation. I'm looking back too. I talked with Aubrey on the phone today. I miss her terribly, but I could hear the momentum and motivation in her voice, her fresh approach to the day. Change is good for us human types.

I'm spending more time on projects and less making poppets. In addition to a new something with the Neil, it looks like we'll be releasing a new "Strange" chapbook next year. I'm also chipping away at my own projects.

I hired a housekeeper.

The Untouchable Torti has taken residence in my back yard. With three kittens. Four cats inside, four cats outside. This will not do. Too many cats. The kittens are nearly old enough for spay and neuter. I don't know which are male or female. I can't get close enough. The cute little buggers become balls of teeth, claws and hisses if I get close.

Just what I needed.

This isn't much more than a laundry list. If I wait for eloquence, it may be another week before I write something. Spellcheck seems not to be functioning. Forgive me in advance then, for whatever I missed.

I'll say this---as I look back over the last 300 days or so I see a lot of stuff happening. A lot of things have changed, a lot of things haven't. The thing that's the most different is me. I didn't realize how different until I looked back. All in all, I'm going to say the days showed me what I was looking for, and a few things I didn't expect.

It will be good to finish this up and change gears a bit. In the meantime, we carry on, don't we?


yemamaya said...

good to hear from you, laundry list or not. and introspection is good, world would be a better place if we were all a bit more prone to it.
than you for taking me (us) to this journey with you.

Amber said...

Lisa! That cat may actually be the cutest thing I've seen this month! Okay, so it's the first of December. I'll include last month in the count. Whatever. And you have, what, FOUR of them in your residence right now?! Jealousy abounds.

Stacey said...

Very excited about the new Strange project moving along. The previous ones are outstanding.

Laundry lists are necessary sometimes. As is moving forward.

Stacy Hurt said...

a laundry list is still writing it down. that counts.

courage on

Drinne said...

I'm glad to hear that the poppets are giving you room for your projects, I'm sure they'll be looking in other spaces to bring back more insides when you're ready to spend more time together later.

I'm excited for the new art.

I missed seeing you this October - it seems all out of sorts now and I didn't realize winter was coming. : ) But I'm glad that the changes are leading to creation for you as opposed to entropy.

Unless all the cats are entropy. They probably are - entropy has to go somewhere/