Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve

It's Christmas Eve and though I remain firmly agnostic, I grew up with this holiday and continue to celebrate a version of it.

This morning the tree is beautiful and the fire is lovely though I'm not looking forward to the wrapping to come.

As with all holidays, this one carries sadness too. We look behind us, and ahead of us, too much. And measuring where we are, this year.
Possibly we should try to focus on today.

So far, the best part of the day is looking at the owl Orion made for me at school. I've put it in a place where I'll see it often, because it's impossible for me to look at it without smiling.

Hope your day goes well. I hope you carry what is good with you, and leave the things behind that are not. I hope you find kindness out there, wherever you are. I hope others find kindness in you.

Now, to find out how Brate and the squitypips fare...


ravyn said...

i spent xmas eve with my folks, helping my mom get ready for the family coming the next day. i try not to dwell on looking back, or ahead, too much, however, it can't be helped sometimes, heh.

i'm back home now, very happy to be in my own place. But i must say that it was strange sleeping in my old room for two nights, firstly cause i've slept in other places in the house when i've visited before, and secondly cause many of the posters, and a few art projects, from my childhood, still decorate the walls.

Definitely like time travel. i'll put up photos tomorow :-)

spacedlaw said...

That owl is indeed wonderful.

spencer said...

i cant belive you wont remember any thing good huh