Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Right to Left, Back to Front

Pete teaches Orion to read Dragon Ball Z.

Aubrey's into manga and seems happy Orion has discovered DBZ, so he'll have a library right next long as he knocks first.

It seems a good idea to teach kids to read various formats. I didn't understand much about comics until I met Pete. But now I can see that reading comics and manga and graphic novels broadens vision and teaches us to approach concepts from many directions, to be more flexible.
--which will come in handy when he's an adult, for sure.

It also seems a good idea to take photos of our kids in their rooms, with their stuff. It's for later---like thirty years later. Orion will think it's cool to see his toys and posters, not to mention reading with his dad.

It'll be like know...time travel.

Have a good Wednesday.

Off to work I go...


Dan Guy said...

Love the Yoda and the Totoro posters!

Rubius said...

what a perfect picture. I also agree that it is important to teach kids the information comes in many formats... comix, books, websites, etc. Aubrey is so cool... I would expect her to be into cool things like manga. It is always neat to look back on your room the way it was as a kid and see how life changes you.

I just went to the Vancouver Art Gallery's exhibit 'Krazy: the delirious world of anime + comics + video games + art'. It was fun to see a sorta-snooty gallery like that filled with kids playing games and people reading comics. I wasn't terribly impressed with the scope of their 'comic vision' though... I understand the people who put this display together chose certain works to highlight in each field so the collection was rather limited. As I am a comics/manga/anime/video game fan I was hoping to see some of my favs but they tried to stay away from the 'classics' of anime and manga (although Akira and Macross were playing) as they figured the classics were visible as influences in the ones they chose to display. I barely recognized the comics and comic artists (to me they were a bit stale). I did appreciate that they added a 'fan centre' where you could request anime/manga/comic/etc that you thought were important enough to include in the exhibit.

the best thing is that a major art hub like VAG chose to put on this display. I feel like 'finally' the snobs have recognized the value of these mediums.

Rubius said...

(I too love the Totoro poster... I love Totoro)

The people who put this display together specifically chose NOT to display Miyazaki's work but in the fan section there were more requests for Miyazaki than ANYTHING ELSE.

Carl V. said...

I am so grateful for the technology that brought us the digital camera. My wife and I did not take near the pictures back in the 'old days' as we do now simply because of the lack of ease, development costs when we were poor college kids with a new baby, etc. Now it is wonderful to get so many images to be able to look at and keep for perusing many years down the road.

I love the comic format. I vaguely remember reading some as a kid but it wasn't until I was introduced to Sandman years ago that my love of comics was truly born and I haven't looked back. I still find myself in the local comic shop every Wednesday hanging out with friends and discussing everything geek related. I think they are a fantastic format to teach kids to read and they also offer a variety of art and technique and structure that can be quite inspirational.

Love Orion's room, he will be so thrilled to see these pics when he gets older.

sylvia said...

"It also seems a good idea to take photos of our kids in their rooms, with their stuff. "

That is SUCH a good point! Thank you.

*wanders off to take new photos*