Wednesday, November 02, 2005

In Other News...

Orion's first Trick or Treat went swimmingly, with him delighted and delightful at every door, coming away with tons of loot and forgoing the spiderman mask and becoming Spider Orion about haflway through the thing.

Back at the ranch, we discovered our honor systen ( a bowl of candy with a Happy Halloween sign) which worked so well before had failed miserably this time. It appears one Trick or Treater took the whole bowl of candy, including the bowl. I knew those little packs of Whoppers would be too much for our neighbors. Orion has discovered Rayman. Time limits are imperative. I must be vigilant. I left the spatula in the den. I'll need it to pry his fingers from the controls. I must show him there are other things to do, like books and bathtime and running around. But, I must admit it's really interesting to see how fast a little one can get really good at this stuff. sheesh.

Ravyn and I are working very hard to get the holiday season gift page up. This is the first year I've put together something like this and I'm very pleased to be able to. I think I'm going to show you some things you'll love giving, or getting. That's the idea, anyway.

Ben is back!!! Yay! Soon we'll be back at it again, making more sculptures that do things...

And, I've heard from new dad Mr. Podrasky on Tiny Stories. He is moving toward the time when he shall read and sort and choose stories to send to me. I'd better get to work. So little time, so many things to make.

And for the next few days, I'm sort of away, working very hard on "Lost and Found", which was "Lost and Found" then wasn't, but was going to be something else, but is now "Lost and Found" again. Odd, that.



Robert/ GuardianAlien said...

Hey wasn't there another post here yesterday for like five minutes?? I was very curious to follow the links which didn't seem to link :P

K said...

"I left the spatula in the den. I'll need it to pry his fingers from the controls."

*snorting with laughter in unladylike fashion*

The prospect of sculptures that do things makes me very happy, also.

Carl V. said...

Hope the bowl wasn't one you were particularly fond is probably too much of a 'set up' to expect 'chocolate' and 'honor system' to work well together.

Anonymous said...

Send money or the bowl gets it.

This is not who you think it is.

No really. It isn't, I swear.

Anonymous said...

Scratch that. Send more chocolate.

And maybe it is who you think it is.